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Chris Naylor
IV starts with ultrasound marking
Does anyone have a reference for marking peripheral veins with ultrasound for  IV starts?
Darlene Kaminski
What do you mean by

What do you mean by "marking".  I guess I don't understand why you would need to mark the vein if you are using ultrasound.  Our team places over 200 IV's a month using U/S and we don't mark the veins.



Mats Stromberg
Darlene, could you describe


could you describe how you do when you place PIVs with US?


We use the plastic cover of

We use the plastic cover of the quick cath and make a slight indention in their skin where we find the vein. Then we clean the site with chlorhexdine . We then place the probe slightly above our marking, making sure that the u/s gel doesn't come in contact with where we are doing the venipuncture.

Karen Ratz,RN St. Lukes Hospital, Cedar Rapids,IA

Heather Nichols
    Why would you need to


  Why would you need to mark a spot?  Why would you not stick with ultrasound guidance?

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