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IV restart deferred
I have a question for the group. Does anyone have a policy regarding , holding IV restarts when patients have been stuck multiple times and access has not been obtained.How long do you wait before attempting again?
I was reading article on HIT

I was reading article on HIT by Dr. Roger S. Riley, MD., PHD listing two FDA - approved drugs for HIT: Lepirudin (Refludan) and Argatroban.

Inna P.

SCAVA - South carolina

Yes, we recently completed a

Yes, we recently completed a unit based shared governance project regarding "no peripheral access".  It was a hugh undertaking and I would be happy to share the experience with you - please email me at: [email protected].  Basically, we have educated to house staff with the algorithm of catheter selection so they can be proactive, we have written a "FACT SHEET" helping them make those choices, designed and implemented an alert sticker for the medical record stating that the patient has no peripheral access at this time due to ...... and that we will reevaluate the patient in 24 hours.  We are working on a "communication message" in CPOE so all will be aware of difficult access and we have provided nursing and house staff with the applicable articles regarding access devices choices, rationale for each, caustic med list requiring a central line, etc,  We have written policy and procedure to cover all the above.  We are rolling it out as I write this.


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