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Eunhee Park
IV Nitroglycerin drip


I would like to know  if IV nitroglycerin can run through midline. My hospital MD wants to run continuous IV Nitroglycerin through proposed midline. Thye do not want to use any central line.  Any throught ?  Would appreciate your comments. 

Thanks !!


Nitroglycerin is not a

Nitroglycerin is not a vesicant, although the pH can be as low as 3. Low pH may cause tissue damage if it infiltrates but infiltration is not the most common complication of midlines. Thrombosis is the most common. But the question is for how long do they usually require NTG to be infused? A midline is indicated for infuion therapy needed for 5-14 days. I am thinking a midline would not be the most appropriate and a short PIVC would be best. 

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