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Linda Lillington
IV Fluid hang times

Does anyone have any information/references regarding allowable hang times for IV fluids not containing specific medications? As IV site change times have been extended, there are questions about how this might impact IV fluid hang times.


Any help, willingness to share policies/SOPs, references would be appreciated.


Thank you.

The studies on hang time for

The studies on hang time for IV fluid containers was done in the 1970's after a nattionwide outbreak of infection. At that time, 24 hours was the max. Several years ago, that statement was removed from the CDC guidelines and INS standards. Factors to consider focus on if there are any medications added to the container, who and where are these meds added, disruption of the infusion system by set disconnection. The nurse should NOT be adding any med to the fluid container. If this is happening, 24 h is the absolute max. All additions should be done in the pharmacy under a laminar airflow workbench. Even those should be changed at 24 h. If you open a container, do not add meds, attach the IV set and leave it totally intact, your facility may consider allowing a longer dwell time. This should be taken to the appropriate committees for a decision about when longer hang time may be allowed. 

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