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IV education references

To all,


I need some help locating more authoritative, well-structured literature discussing the topic of IV therapy education. Thanks in advance.



Join INS or AVA

Join INS or AVA

I use the INS books, CDC

I use the INS books, CDC guidelines and Plumber's for my resourses for my infusion education. 

Valorie Dunn, RN, BSN, CRNI

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

You can also check on

You can also check on

I don't understand the

I don't understand the original question. Are you asking about the recommended teaching strategy and processes for knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and psychomotor skills? Or are you asking about sources for the actual infusion therapy information? Or are you asking about the availability of education programs, such as a classroom course or online courses? The primary sources are from the Infusion Nurses Society and their website has many products available at Lynn

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