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IV Drugs and Flushes

Does anyone have any idea how many IV medications (and flushes) get put through an average IV line?  Any idea where I could find that information.

I'm trying to determine how many pre-filled saline flush syringes get used in the "life-span" of the average IV.


There is no info

There is no info published

Maybe your pharmacy can determine the number of average doses of your patients of IV drugs and that will give you an idea

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Too many as far as I am
Too many as far as I am concerned, we are seeing MRSA VRE and all the other super bugs in England through mis-use of IV antibiotics
Diane C Lauer
We changed to 10cc prefilled
We changed to 10cc prefilled saline.  Unbelievably we saved money because the caps for those multdose vials of saline were really expensive.  Now I'm not sure how the pharmacy knew the volume, but we routinely flush IVs Q 8 hrs.  We went w the 10 cc syringes for cost reasons, but flush peripheral w 3 - 5cc, and centrals w 10cc.

Celia Brown

I just finsihed a lengthy
I just finsihed a lengthy article for JAVA on heparin locking and did not find any data on the numbers of catheter flushes. It varies greatly due to the practices in each hospital, the types of meds being ordered, etc. Your pharmacy should be able to come up with some information for your specific hospital. Lynn

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Tammy Kay Casarreal
I was looking for a list of
I was looking for a list of drugs used for IV therapy. Do you have a list of these?  Please send them to my email.  Thank You 
Cindy Schrum
Cindy Schrum RN CRNI It
Cindy Schrum RN CRNI

It probably wouldn't be as high as you think because of the number of IV's that are placed, used intermettently or not at all, and never flushed!  Which may not be a horrible thing in light of the above mentioned MRSA and VRE from improper accessing.

Cindy Schrum RN CRNI

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