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IV Data

I am the manager of a full-service IV Team at a 275 bed community hospital.  We are in the process of downsizing our IV Team from 5.6 FTE to 2.6 FTE and making it a "hard to stick" team despite all the data I could muster to keep the team fully intact.  Management is now curious to find out:

1) If staff RN's are inserting their own IV's, how do you track volume? 2) How are your IV's documented? 3) Who does your ancillary areas, ie: Nuclear Med, Radiology, etc? 4) How do you keep track of dressing/line changes? 4) Do you bill?

I would appreciate any insight into what your institution does, as my team keeps procedure volume data, dressing change data, central line data, 4th day - 5th day line data and bills for services in real time on the patient's MAR.  We will loose this capability if the team is disbanded.