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john fedo
IV cert for new nurses

I have just assumed a new position working with GN residents; We have hired 80 over the past 10 months and am looking for innovative ways to get them certified for IV starts; our policy is they attend a class and then must complete 3 starts with either an IV nurse (There department is small and cannot accomodate this volume) or with a supper trainer (who has a full patient load). We have looked at using the pre op area and ED. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


John Fedo

my facility have a self
my facility have a self study module and post test. And I bodied with an IV nurse, and did 25 sticks requirement plus working in Ambu service drawing blood 5 x. My facility is big 1000 bed capacity.( I had my IV training at Bellevue Hosp Ctr)


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