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Leann Kennedy
Intrathecal catheters

Good afternoon everyone!

Forgive my confusion...Can you use a Biopatch or Tegaderm CHG over an epidural catheter?  How about an intrathecal catheter?  I am getting different answers from all.

Also, how about "scrubbing the hub" with chlorhexidine?  Does any one know of any recent studies about this practice? 

Thanks so much for any/all help.

Leann Kennedy

Chris Cavanaugh
The concern with intrathecal

The concern with intrathecal and epidural catheter care is you do not want to get alcohol into the epidural space as it could cause neurological complications.  I do not see anything on the instructions for use for the Biopatch that indicates that would be a problem, and since it does not contain alcohol, I cannot see why it would be a problem.  You can use betadine to clean hubs for these types of cathethers, and straight chlorhexidine should not be a problem.  You should not use the combined products that have both alcohol and chlorohexidine, as the risk of effecting the space with the alcohol exists. 

I do not have info about the Tegaderm CHG, but if it does not contain alcohol it should be OK. 


Chris Cavanaugh, CRNI

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Is anyone changing lines

Is anyone changing lines placed in the field within 24 hours?  How about lines placed in the ER?  What are your references?  Thanks for your help.....


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