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Interventional radiology techs placing PICC lines

Is there any guidelines that say an interventional radiology tech can or cannot place a PICC line? At our facility it has been said that some times the tech places the line not the IR Doc. Does Missouri have any guidelines regarding this, where would I look?

The American Society of

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists ( has a statement establishing that this group can insert PICCs. There may be state-specific guidelines but I am not aware of this for any specific state. Some states require RT to have a license while other do not. The bottom line is does your facility have policies and procedures to direct their practice for placing PICCs. This must be in place, along with the competency assessment and documentation of this just like all others who work in the hospital. These are Joint Commission standards. Lynn

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A RT tech works under the liscensure of an MD.  You have to look at the MD section of the state to find RT and than see if there is a provision that does not allow them to do this procedure.  Maryland to my knowldedge is the only state not allowing a tech to place a PICC under the MD liscensure

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