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Internal volume of central lines, i.e. tunnelled catheters

Does anybody know how to determine the internal volume of a catheter?  Thanks for your input!

You can find the internal

You can find the internal volume of all catheters in the instructions for use booklet packaged with every catheter or contact the manufacturer directly for this information. These published volumes will be for the untrimmed catheter. Once the catheter has been trimmed to a patient specific length, you will need to know the specific internal catheter diameter and the specific length of the catheter, then calculate it. You can learn more about this in:

1.    Lawson M, Vertenstein MJ. Methods for determning the internal volume of central venous catheters. Journal of Intravenous Nursing. 1993;16(3):148-155.

You can also get a broad estimate by aspirating from the catheter until the catheter has filled with blood and use the amount in the syringe to roughly equate to the priming volume. Lynn

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