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Internal Jugular IVs


 Is it acceptable practice for RNs to insert internal jugular IVs in the hospital setting?

If so, what type of training is required?

In what circumstances should an IJ be utilized? 

l Is anyone doing this procedure at their hospital in CA?

I would appreciate any information.




Clinical Educator

 Yes, it is acceptable and

 Yes, it is acceptable and within the scope of practice for nurses with special documented competency to insert IJ catheters. Nurses will soon be taking over insertion of all types of CVADs. The question is how does the Board of Registered Nursing in CA make scope of practice decisions. At one time, they used what they called a "standardized procedure" approach. I am not certain if anyone on this forum doing this procedure is from CA but hopefully they will respond. Have you contacted the CA BRN about this scope of practice issue? Lynn

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