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Interested in working as a clinical trial partner for a vein finding device for PIVs?

Christie Medical is interested in finding partners for a clinical study on the VeinViewer.  Would you or your hospital would be interested in participating in this study? If so, please email me ([email protected]) and I will send you further information on the company product. We are interested in knowing:


1. How many papers have you/your group published within the last 5 years? On what topics?

2. Have you/your group worked with any other companies on clinical studies?

3. What sort of administrative help do you have for clinical coordination? Who would be the PI on this study?

4. Why would you be interested in a study with the VeinViewer?

5. Roughly, can you give me an outline of a study you would be interested in setting up?


If you know of any other people who would be interested in this sort of clinical study, please send along their contact information.