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M Galloway
Interested in relocating to St. Louis?

a brand new outpatient 35,000 square foot oncology wing and has created this position to manage the total operation. There are 26 infusion chairs, 4 pods of six and 2 private infusion rooms, and 2 assessment rooms with 7 hematologists/oncologists. This leadership role will be responsible for approximately 60 employees; this is a 100% management position. The Manager/Director will not administer chemotherapy. The Center is open Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Qualified candidates will have successfully demonstrated strong leadership skills, ideally within an oncology setting and will have been responsible for staffing, training, coaching and resolving conflicts for a sizeable staff while ensuring excellence in patient care. This position will also be responsible for adhering to a fiscal budget.


for more info please contact me at [email protected]