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Insulin syringes and needleless connectors
I am looking for all the solutions to the following situation - the need to give IV insulin with a fixed needle on the insulin syringe and the hospital uses only luer-activated needleless connectors. Obviously the insulin must be measured accurately in an insulin syringe but the needle can not be removed to access the needleless connector. The volume of insulin doses are very small and transfer to a larger syringe is not realistic. Please respond with all ideas you have found to work successfully. Thanks, Lynn
Tom Billings
I have seen many facilities

I have seen many facilities switch to insulin syringes with removable needles.  You can also add injection cap to the connector but that also increases deadspace and needs to flushed with another needle and syringe of saline.


Kim Springer
Check with the company
Check with the company Covidien. We are getting ready to trial some new insulin syringes from them. I'll let you know the outcome.
rivka livni
Lynn, when I was an ICU
Lynn, when I was an ICU nurse I used to draw up the Insulin, then with the same needle draw up NS to fill the syringe, and transfer that to a 3cc luer lock syringe and inject into the IV line.
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