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Inserting piccs over defibrillators and/or pacemakers and ports

Allowing grace to say this should not be done unless there are no better options, and Second.... not if the pacemaker or similiar installation was freshly installed, has anyone come across contraindications for installing on the same side as another device when the other options are worse such as the other arm being swollen, etc?

Even EJ's, triple arrows, dialysis catheters or any device that makes it to the SVC should be considered in this conversation. 

 LOL!..... seems no one

 LOL!..... seems no one wants to touch this one with a ten foot pole!

The circumstances with each case are so vast, its hard to nail down a protocol that fits all I suppose. 

Taking a risk from hitting the obstruction of the device is obviously a consideration that may be worth the risk when there are no other viable options that are less invasive. 

But I guess I'm wondering if anyone has heard about or known any cases where the picc insertion actually caused problems with the pacemaker or defibrillator wires or similiar?


Am I to interpret the silence on this matter as meaning no one ever has any problems with such installations? 

I know I never have, but I'm curious about others. 




Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

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YOur assumptions about the

YOur assumptions about the lack of reply is not quite right. I usually do not reply when the question has been previously discussed. There is a method of searching this forum for all past questions and responses. This has been discussed many times.  


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As most search engines...

As most search engines... they are not very efficient.... if you put more than a few words.... it comes up with nothing at all... if you go too little, the volume is so massive, your looking for a needle in a haystack.

Same is true for some of the articles we are pointed to.

I find they will be 20 pages long and talk about everything "but" what your actually wanting to know.

I totally understand after babysitting a forum for so long, its hard to keep answering the same questions over and over and there is an expectation for the searcher to search rather than being spoon fed.

But tools have to be available to make that reasonably easy or the search is not fruitful.

Maybe an upgrade would help... 

There is allot of knowledge out here and many backgrounds.... I really prefer to talk to people rather than cold articles that are often out of touch with real practice.

However, if I could efficiently use the search engine, I would.


I am a member of many forums on many different topics besides PICC lines.

Viable discussion comes from interaction...... pointing people to search engines and not encouraging questions only squashes that.

I understand how its easy to assume I have not searched, but I have..... I will investigate other resources.

Although I wasn't addressing you personally as your reply seems to imply... sorry for the bother.




Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

The second mouse gets the cheese!

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