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G.G. Northington
Insert a new PICC line?

I work in a long term acute hospital with many PICC lines.  I have a patient that will need TPN to be started today.  The patient has a PICC line that was inserted in October.  The doc is wanting a new line inserted for TPN, because per him "his patients always become infected with TPN if there was not a new line placed."

This patient currently does not have any signs or symptoms of any infection.



Ask the doc for his evidence

Ask the doc for his evidence to support his claim. There is no published evidence that a "virgin" line is needed or even recommended for TPN. Show him the ASPEN guidelines on vascular access, no mention there. Why put the patient through another line insertion? If his lines are getting infected, it is more than likely from poor practices of managing the catheter hub. Lynn

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Gwen Irwin
Insert a new PICC line?

I totally agree with Lynn.  Where is the evidence that supports this statement or order?

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

G.G. Northington
I agree with you all as

I agree with you all as well.  I did ask where he found this information, because I would love to read it!!  And, then in further conversation, he told me that it was an opinion of an ID doc.  I was just throwing the question out there to make sure that I had not missed anything!!  Thanks!!!!!!!  :)

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