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INR, PT, platelets

Are PICC insertions being restricted based on elevated INR or PT or low platelet counts? What numbers are you following? The last time this was addressed on the forum was 2008. Curious to see if there have been any changes.


NO. there are no coagulation

NO. there are no coagulation lab values that would restrict the insertion of a PICC. Nothing has changed. A PICC is still considered to the best option when there are higher risk of bleeding from an insertion site. Large hemorrhage events are not reported with PICC insertion, although slow oozing of blood may occur for days. this is managed with hemostat dressings. Most have eliminated or restricted the use of a skin nick during PICC insertion and if there are higher risk of bleeding, a very careful gentle technique is preferred. But still no restrictions of coag lab values. 

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