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Robbin George
Inpatient Therapuetic Phlebotomy collection container

For those of you that do inpatient bedside Therapuetic Phlebotomy

please let use know the type of collection container you are using

If you can be specific as to brand it would be appreciated

At present we are using glass Thoracentesis bottles but are not

sure this is the safest best practice

Thank You--Robbin George RN

Vascular Access Resource Department

Alexandria Virginia  

Hi Robbin, At my institution

Hi Robbin,

At my institution (outpatient setting) we use a 'blood pack unit' such as used in blood collection.  Our product is a Baxter (code 4R3611) and the official name is "Fenwal anticoagulant citrate phosphate dextrose adenine solution, USP (CPDA-1) Blood pack unit".  This unit also has a Y-sampling site so blood can be obtained for labs if needed; and is a safety needle.  This has worked well for us; only issue we can't really tell the accurate volume, provider order usually says 'withdraw one unit'.

Jill Cooke RN

Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene

Vera Deacon
Hello! We too use the Baxter


We too use the Baxter Blood-Pack unit (single for collection of 450ml blood) Code #4R0012. 16g. needle is already attached and is a needle-safe product as well. We also utilize a scale on which we place the bag (then all on the floor by the bedisde).The scale has a digital read-out so we can know exact amount of blood removed. We require the MD to specify an amount (ml) in the order as well. We have used this product (or similiar) for the 13years I have been on the PICC team without issue.      

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