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for infusion specialists, subcutaneous heparin/lovenox

Do you aspirate before infusion of subcutaneous heparin or lovenox? Would like to know practice of infusion nurses around the country. Were you taught this in nursing school, or do you have literature on rationale of doing or not doing procedure?



Diane Jiles, RN-CRNI

All SC, IM, and intradermal
All SC, IM, and intradermal injection require aspiration to make sure there is no blood return possibly indicating that the drug you are about to inject will go into a vein or artery. It has been a long time since I was in nursing school, but I don't think this practice recommendation has changed. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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Kelly Smith
It is recommended that you

It is recommended that you not aspirate when giving heparin or lovenox sc.

Kelly Smith

PICC Nurse

Boone Hospital Center

Columbia, Missouri

I was taught that you
I was taught that you aspirate.  Does the manufacture make any recomendations?
 I've never aspirate with

 I've never aspirate with heparin, lovenox, or insulin.  Heparin and lovenox are always injected into a skin fold that is held throughout the injection.... so that the injection is given sc v.s. IM.  Also, with the anticoagulant injections, by not aspirating prior to injecting and by not massaging after the injection, you reduce the chance of a hematoma formation.  Lovenox is often manufactured in prefilled spring loaded syringes that retract the needle after injected.  This only relates to my experience with injections!  Some comments seemed like they referred to injections v.s. infusions!

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