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INfusing TPN through a dedicated lumen on a triple lumen catheter

Our policy still says that we must infuse TPN through a dedicated lumen and once used it may not be used for any thing else once the TPN is discontinued. I looked in the new 2016 INS standards and it does not address.

Please advise

Dee Morrison, MSN, ACNS- BC

Wendy Erickson RN
I would agree with using a

I would agree with using a dedicated lumen for TPN and lipids. Not sure why you can't use it for something else once the TPN is discontinued. Any idea what the reasoning was for your policy?

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

 Dedicated lumen for all PN

 Dedicated lumen for all PN is inferred in INS Standrd 61, 61.5 about not adding or coinfusing meds withut pharmacy consultation due to compatibiity and stabiity of the drugs. Infection is another risk factor but has not been studied well - excessive manipulation by piggybacking, etc increases risk of intraluminal contamaintation. After PN is discontinued, there is no reason not to use that VAD lumen for other infusions. Lynn

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