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Implanted Port flushing while accessed

We have changed our flushing policy for implanted ports, using 10unit/ml Heparin while accessed and then just prior to deaccessing flush w/ 100unit/ml Heparin.  We have always flushed an accessed port DAILY even though it is not being used.  I just received a call from our local home health wanting to keep the patiient's port accessed in between blood draws (twice weekly) and not flush with anything on the days port access is not needed.  I informed the nurse of our policy and she stated the hospital's policy is not to flush.   I explained to her our policy and told her that she would need to get a specific order for flushing.  What is everyone else doing?  They are trying to save the patient money and frequent needle sticks.  Unfortunately, I have not purchased the new INS flushing protocols and I am curious as to what the protocol says about accessed port and daily flushing (or not).  There are so many variables, especially in the home setting.  I would hate to see the port clot off and then have to go the route of having to pay for CathFlo.  Thanks!