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Patricia Dobson...
IGIV infusions

We have pt's receiving IGIV on a monthly bases. We infuse based on the manufacturer's guidelines and after a risk assessment. If we have  a repeat pt that receives the same lot # without any problems could we start the infusion at the recommended rate and increase in 15 minutes x's 2 or 4 and then bump them up to the max. rate?


Pat Dobson

The max rate I increase to

The max rate I increase to is 250 ml/hr on any IVIG product.  I initially start at 10 ml/hr, increase to 25ml/hr, 50 ml/hr, 100 ml/hr, 200ml/hr, then 250 until completion.  Many of my patients cannot go @ 250 ml/hr so there are many different ways that I perform this task, but will NOT exceed 250ml/hr related to the potential of Renal problems.

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