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I don't have time to scrub the hub

I am looking for input on how others are dealing with the mentality of "I don't have time to scrub the hub." It was recently brought to my team's attention that certain departments within our hospital do not scrub the hub and the verbiage of "we don't do that in here" was used. We do use the passive disinfectant caps but these are not always replaced after use and the line will be used even though manual disinfection did not occur. How do we change culture?


What is the CLABSI rates

What is the CLABSI rates specific to the departments? Work with your infection prevention dept staff to create ways to educate this staff and with there managers to hold them accountable for the outcomes they produce. Set up friendly competition with other units who meet the requirements. After a disinfection cap is removed, there is no need to scrub because the hub has disinfected it and protected. But that cap is only good for a single use and should always be thrown away once it is removed. Do they have replacement caps readily avaialble in each room. Most of these companies have a strip or bag that hangs from the pole. Remove all excuses for not doing the right thing and then expect their manager to make them do it or suffer the consequences for producing CLABSIs. 

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