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In the new Infusion Standards of Practice it states to use a nonmetal cannula for hypodermoclysis instead of a metal winged needle.  The hypodermoclysis kits we use contain two subcucanteous needles.  Is this considered different and acceptable for use compared to the metal winged needle (I assume this is referring to a butterfly needle) or do we need a device where the needle is removed and a soft cannula is left in place for infusion?  If so where can we locate hypodermoclysis kits that contain this type of device?



A metal winged needle is the

A metal winged needle is the generic name for a Butterfly needle, which is a very old tradename that has become the name. Like Kleenex for tissue. Some devices designed for SC infusion are metal when a large flow rate is needed for a specific drug. A device specifically designed for SC infusion is required and most are a plastic cannula but one made of metal is not prohibited. Find and read the references listed with this statement for more details. 

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