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Hospital P&P for IVIG
I am looking for examples of policies and procedures for IVIG infusion in a hospital. If anyone has one to share, could you email to me at [email protected]? Thanks, Lynn
Terry Hall
I work for several
I work for several outpatient IV Infusion companies and have administered IVIG hundreds of times. Crescent Healthcare Inc., is the largest distributor of IVIG for outpatient use in the US. The have their own web site and you could probably download the information you need from their web site. If you are not able to obtain the info. you need from the web site, e-mail me and I'll e-mail or FAX the most recent copy of their P&Ps for IVIG administration. Terry H.
Thanks, but I did not find
Thanks, but I did not find any policies and procedures on their website. Also, I need an example of a policy and procedure that is written by and for hospitalized patients instead of ambulatory or outpatient settings. Thanks again, Lynn

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