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Michael Horrigan
Hospira and Max Plus flow issues

We have experienced flow issues when using standard Hospira gravity flow sets with the Max Plus extension sets(MPX 9100, MPX9103).  When the Male Hospira locking coller is screwed onto the Max Plus cap we have noted an intermittant lack of flow, when fluid is running to gravity.  This only happens with the distal Max Plus cap, when the Y site on the extension set is used the tubing works just fine.  I have checked with other facilities with in our system and we seem to be the only one having this issue.

Has anyone else experienced thiis???

Of note, When the Hospira set is connected to the Max Plus in a two step process it works fine but that has not been the practice of nursing over the last three years.

  1. Push the male end of the Hospira tubing into the Max Plus cap
  2. Screw the locking coller down       

Searching for any input,

Mike Horrigan RN

Clinical Coordinator Purchasing

Providence Alaska Medical Center   


[email protected]   


Mike Brazunas
Mike, For what it's worth,
Mike, For what it's worth, about 8 years ago I did inservicing for a pump company and their needless cap.  I recall a problem with certain syringe tubing that had similar issues that you are describing.  The clue is that it works as a two step process.  We found that the threads on the tubing locking collar were to short for the cap.  Also, because the locking collar slips up and down around the male end, it could be screwed on and not have the male end firmly inside the cap.  If you compare the tubing you are having issues with the other tubing that you don’t have an issue with, I bet you find a difference in the locking collar or the length of the male end.

I hope this helps,

Mike Brazunas RN



Mike Brazunas
Mike  To clarify; I think


 To clarify; I think the male end of your tubing is not being pushed deep enough into the needless cap to open it fully.  This would explain the on and off flow.   This also would explain why it works when you do the two step process of pushing the male end in first.  When you just scew the tubing on, the male end is not deep enough into the cap.




The response about the
The response about the hospira male luer length is probably the answer. If the male luer is not seated within the luer using the 2 step process, as you said, the valve may not open fully resulting in sluggish or slow flow. This can also happen with some of the Alaris pump tubing sets which have very short male luers resulting in occlusion alarms when some of sets are used with certain caps.
All of the other comments
All of the other comments appear to accurate, but one thing I've noticed when looking at the Hospira male luer is that it appears to be shorter than others.
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