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Home IV
I am currently reveiwing our homebased IV policies and procedures. It states the nurse is to stay with patient for 20minutes post administration of antibiotic. Does anyone have any comment on their own practise around this or evidence to suggest this is neccesary.
A first dose of an
A first dose of an antibiotic should always be in a medically supervised location.  We never gave a first dose at home in any company I ever worked for.  The monitoring a patient after an infusioin pertains for first doses.  We do this at our outpatinet infusion center.  Doing this at home after every infuison is not necessary. In fact, a lot of IV therapy done at home is done without the nurse being there at all.  We have had patients on pumps where the antibiotic is administered automatically every 6 or 8 hours arouand the clock--no nurse.  We have patients that we hook up to IV's, instruct the patient how to flush at the end of the infusion and leave.  Some patients with some companies are instructed in the entire procedure, how to hook up, infuse, then disconnnect. The nurse goes out to the house weekly for a CVL dsg change or prn. I have NEVER heard of or worked for any company that made us stay 20 min after every antibiotic infusion. 
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