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Home Care: Choice of administration set for home mixed drug-i.e. ADD-Vantage, Minibag Plus systems

I work for a home infusion pharmacy.  We provide these systems when a drug with short stability (usually less than 7 days) is dispensed.  I would like to hear from  those of you in similiar practice in regard to what type of administration set you are using-filtered or nonfiltered, and the rationale for your choice.    The drugs we are dispensing with these systems are Unasyn, ampicillin, merropenem, imipenen &  Invanz.  Also, if you are dispensing tygecycline, how are you handling the home mix.  Thank you.

Carol Sweeney CRNI, Home Solutions, Inc.

We do a lot of gravity

We do a lot of gravity infusions.  We do use Advantage and MiniBag Plus when the stability is a problem and that method is an option.  Sometimes we just need to redeliver 2 - 3 times a week (unfortunately)

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Parry, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

[email protected]

I think I should clarify my

I think I should clarify my question:  what type type of administration set-filter or no filter, are you using with these systems?

Carol Sweeney CRNI, Home Solutions, Inc.

Carol Sweeney, CRNI, Vice President of Nursing & Clinical Compliance  ContinuumRx

Michael Johnson
Mini-Bag Plus works
Mini-Bag Plus works easily.   I gouged my own hand once using the Vial Mate Adaptors.
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