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Ann Marie
HIT and Mediport flushing
We have a patient with HIT among other things in the Hospital that has a Mediport.  There is a great disagreement between the Physician, nurses and pharmacists about what to flush with and how often in patient and then what the flushing schedule should be upon discharge.  Any thoughts on this any literature to address it? 
Ann Marie
Nina Elledge
There was a recent article

There was a recent article in JIN on Agatroban.

We had a patient like that at my hospital and they locked the line with idea why they chose that, but it worked fine.


Nina Elledge, RN, CRNI

[email protected]

Nina Elledge, RN, MBA, CRNI

[email protected]

I would have suggested cath
I would have suggested cath flo as well as Nina did to lock the line

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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