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Bill Jansens
Hickman Catheter and IV Contrast

We have regular discussions with our Radiology department about using implanted ports and Hickman catheters and IV contrast for CT scanning. Apart from thier inexperience with CVAD's (which we can overcome), is there any reason these catheters cannot be used for IV contrast?

Are you talking about
Are you talking about contrast injected using a high pressure injector? If so, implanted ports and tunneled catheters (e.g., Hickman) can not be used with these pumps because they can not tolerate the pressure. Check the instructions for use booklet in the catheter package for these warnings. Lynn

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Nadine Nakazawa
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Bard has a single lumen
Bard has a single lumen PowerPort and PowerLoc safety Huber needle.  It can withstand 5 mls contrast per second & up to 300 PSI.   Bard also makes a 9.6 Fr dual lumen PowerHickman, a PowerHohn, PowerLine, as well as PowerPICCs.   IR and surgeons who place tunneled catheters, Hohns and implanted ports need to know about these devices, as well as your materials management dept.  It requires changes to some of your nursing procedures as well.   Certainly worth a discussion with all parties involved.    There are other companies with power injectable PICC lines:  Arrow power injectable PICC, Rita (now by Boston Scientific) Omni PICC, Angiodynamics Morpheus PICC, and other companies.

Nadine Nakazawa, RN, BS, VA-BC

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