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Wendy Erickson RN
Heparin Recall
So just what ARE we all doing about this shortage of Heparin?  We frequently switch to normal saline on inpatients with HIT and I am ok with that.  Concerns are with dialysis catheters which typically use a higher dose of Heparin as a dwell between treatments.  Is anyone switching to a TPA lock?  What are your contingency plans?
Lepirudin has been studied

Lepirudin has been studied also. See the entry on my blog with links to references. Lynn 


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., NPD-BC, CRNI

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Kathy Kokotis Bard Access

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

American Society of Hospital Pharmacists have recommendations for alternatives to heparin (ASHP).  It is suggested to coserve heparin for flushing lines.



Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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