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Gina Ward
Heparin Lock of infusaports



I have recieved several patients in our hospital who are saying the centers where they get their chemo are not "locking" the port with Heparin prior to de accessing.

One pt said they told her Heparin  increases infection, and other said they just dont use it anymore.

Is there a new push towards this for some reason???  

I am aware of the reduced use of Heparin routinely  due to HIT, but I am referring to the once a month locking of the infusaport.   I am reviewing the INS standards, and dont see anything specific, just used per facility policy and a note about controlled trials have shown equvalent outcome with heparin and sodium  chloride so.........are facilities just getting away from the Heparin all toghether? 

Thank for your responses,  Gina Ward

Yes, heparin is not sure for

Yes, heparin is not sure for locking any CVAD. Please read all of the SOP on Flushing and Locking, especially practice criteria, I, 1 and 2. Saline alone can easily be used. Lab studies have shown that heparin supporting the growth of staph biofilm, however this has not been correlated to increased CRBSI. 

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Gina Ward
Thank you so much!   the

Thank you so much!   the staph biofilm is what I was not aware of.


Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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