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Hemostasis time for PICC/CVAD removal

Our facility is in the process of reviewing our policies and procedures and switching to Lippincott. THe Lippincott procedures say after CVC removal to hold pressure at site for 30 seconds or until hemostasis is obtained. Curious what other organizations policies are or if anyone has a good reference for this. Our current policy is 10 min, it makes me nervous to go to the 30 seconds.

The 2016 INS SOP does not

The 2016 INS SOP does not include a length of time to hold pressure on the site after removal of any type of CVAD. 10 minutes is certainly not required for most patients. There would be greater need for longer term in patients receiving any type of anticoagulant drug. Length of time for hemostasis depends on the patient. I have never seen a specific time based on published evidence. The issue that gets the most attention in the literature is prevention of air embolism by sealing the site with a petroleum based ointment dressing after hemostasis is achieved. 

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