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HemCon GuardIVa better than BioPatch?

     I have posted about this product under a different topic but have been impressed enough with the performance I thought it should have its own heading!  This is a alternative to the BioPatch, which our company has used and believed in since our inception, that has the added benefit of hemostatic properties.  Carolina Vascular Wellness has been using this product for several months and the results have been outstanding to date.  It contains Chlorhexadine Gluconate and a proprietary oxidized cellulose. 

     I have always prided myself on either no dermatotomy or a very small dermatotomy but recently I had a patient with very tough skin that literally sneezed just as I was performing the scalpel nick.  Needless to say the blade buried to the hilt on this patient!  I held pressure for a few minutes and applied the HemCon, convinced I would have to change the dressing by the time I finished my documentation.  I returned 15 minutes after the dressing was applied and it was dry with no bleeding!  I checked on it again the next day and bleeding.  We are accumulating data and this product seems to be at least maintaining our extremly low infection rate, with no infections to date within the first week of insertion.  The only negative so far is the Tyvek package is not gusseted like the BioPatch so you have to be a bit more careful on the sterile drop, but it seems to be a great trade-off for the lower price and added benefit of hemostatic properties.  I would love to hear from other users if they are having similer experiences!