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Heat vs cold application to IV infiltrates and extravasations

I am looking for literature that dictates the use of cold vs heat to a new IV infiltrate. I always recommend the use of cold but the nurses here want to use heat. Does anyone have references that may dictate which way we should go with this? I have tried a literature search but am not having much success.

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Brenda McKay

Use heat for vinca
Use heat for vinca alkaloids, and epipodophylotoxins. Use cold for anything that is hypertonic. For small infiltrates of hypotonic or isotonic fluids, use heat or cold based on the patient's response to it. This is being published soon in an AJN article. Lynn

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Mats Stromberg
One important thing is to
One important thing is to never use heat on anthracyclines (doxorubicin, epirubicin etc). Heat will worsen the damage by spreading the substance.

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