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Jacqueline Bowns
Guid wire exchange of a Central Venous Catheter
Our IV department has been asked to investigate having IV RN’s do a guidewire exchange of a Central Venous Catheter. We place and exchange PICC lines all the time so we have the basic concept but there are differences when exchanging out a jugular or subclavian central line.I am interested to find out if other Hospitals have implemented this practice and if anyone has policies or procedures that could be shared.
Jacqueline Bowns
I can also be emailed

I can also be emailed directly at ... [email protected]


The very first thing you

The very first thing you need to do is learn the process used by your state board of nursing to make scope of practice decisions. If you state uses the decision tree, then get that document and go through it to see if this fits within the legal boundaries of nursing practice in your state. If they make declaratory rulings or advisory opinions, then you may need to petition the board before you can even consider this practice. Good luck! Lynn 


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