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Sarah Kuykendall
Goodbye and Introducing...

Hi all,

I'm afraid after running a listserv for iv nurses for 10 years and this website for another 10 years I've realized I've somehow gotten old and out-of-touch.  I'm very happy to say I have someone I think is going to be great at taking my place.  He's a true expert in the field and is much more tech savvy than I am.  Not only have I been retired from vascular access for 8 years, my brain doesn't work as well as it did, so I'm looking forward to Kevin Arnold taking over.  He's got some great ideas for improvement which I hope will revitalize and update the site. We'll be sort of sharing for a few weeks and I'll always keep an eye on things.  For now, Kevin is keeping the email address I've used, [email protected].

It's been an honor to serve you and I wish you all the very best!


Sarah Kuykendall, RN - retired

Web Manager,

Gina Ward
thank you for what you have

thank you for what you have done. this is an awesome and valuable tool for me

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

 Sarah, we really appreciate

 Sarah, we really appreciate all your efforts through the years to start the original listserv, develop this website and keep it going. Thanks so much. Enjoy your retirement. I hope I am not far behind you. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

126 Main Street, PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

You are and have been very much appreciated

Sarah, thank you for keeping this site going.  It has always been a great place for networking.  You have truly given all of us a great way for discussions in real time. Enjoy your well deserved time off and time for fun! 

BJ Emory, RN, CRNI
Director of Infusion
Personal Touch Home Care

Wendy Erickson RN
Kevin Arnold from "Wonder

Kevin Arnold from "Wonder Years"???!!!! Didn't know he was into vascular access! All kidding aside, this side and especially the Forum has been a huge beneficial resource for me and my Vascular Access Team over the years! Thank you, Sarah, for all you have done for the profession of vascular access nursing! Happy retirement and best wishes for the next part of your life!

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

Sarah -

Sarah -
Thank you for all of the time, energy and effort you have given. This forum has been such a help for so many of us. Enjoy!!

Keely Ralston

Keely Ralston RN-BC, VA-BC, CPUI, RCIS


 I would like to say thank you for the site. I worked overseas for most of my IV nursing career. I used this website to keep up, to hear what the pros and cons were of many products we uses. I also kept abreast of what the other nurses around the world were thinking. Again a huge thank you for all your work. Enjoy retirement. 

Fiona MacLean

Margy Galloway
Sarah, A BIG thank you for

Sarah, A BIG thank you for your time served! I've used both the "listserv" and IV-therapy. Many times and it was the life saver both for me as a care provider and for
my patients. I turned to your listserv for information when we didn't have all the information out on the web as we do now for such easy access. When I was unable to
go to conferences the site was my go to place along with my books. My first experience with its importance was probably when we started noticing the issue with HIT back in 1998 from flushing our catheters with heparin. Through all the wonderful information here we were able to go to NS and remain so after all these years. It was here that I also learned how the manufacturers followed this list. I used the first needleless cap (many years ago) and wrote about the terrible outcomes we had. Needless to say the manufacturer was at our hospital in 3 days to find out why!.. LOL such fun memories. It was here that I met many of the "great" leaders of IV therapy, Gail Egan, Lynn Hadaway, Nadine Nakazawa, Jamie Santo-Lucito, Kathy Kokotis, Lynn Manly, Paul Blackburn, Josie Stone, Marsha Wise, Janet Pettit, and the best... Suzanne Herbst. There were many more! It's exciting to see the "younger" ones continuing to bring the best to their patients through this website. Thanks Sarah for all you have done!

M Galloway, RN, BSN,

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