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Gwen Irwin
Glass vials and ampules

We were having an email discussion today about glass vials and ampules, because a manager recently attended a conference that discussed them as sharps.  The speaker reported that OSHA has identified them as sharps and should be disposed in a sharps container.  This would be a definite practice change for us.  Are we behind again?

Do you dispose of glass vials and ampules in a sharps container?

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

I have always thought of
I have always thought of ampules as sharps and disposed of appropriately. But glass vials..... I see a light bulb over my head.  Thanks.
They are sharps That is why

They are sharps

That is why Bard wraps gauge around the handles

They should be disposed of as sharps


Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Gwen Irwin
I can see ampules being

I can see ampules being sharps, but glass vials?  I never really thought of them as a sharp.  I guess because I have rarely seen one broken.

Look forward to what you are currently doing.  Dispose of them in sharps container or not??


Shirley Ellis
yes in the sharps container,
yes in the sharps container, and was told by the people who pick up the sharps container that NO gauze should be in the container, so that means pulling the gauze off the top of the glass ampule.  
We are an Outpatient
We are an Outpatient infusion center and we hand a flush bag of 250 cc Normal Saline with Oxali.  We follow with a Normal Saline flush and the end of the treatment.


Scott Gilbert
Can you imagine

Can you imagine a housekeeper who cuts their hand on a broken piece of glass that is in the trash?  I always thought that "if it can break"  it should be separated from normal room trash.   


Scott Gilbert RN

Honolulu,  Hawaii

Scott Gilbert RN, VA-BC, MPH


Kelly Allison
Funny this should come up, I
Funny this should come up, I actually cut my thumb on a galss ampule in an Arrow kit this week because they wrap it in a foam protection, so definately dispose of it in a sharps container
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