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Anne Marie Frey
garb for tunneled catheter repair

I posted this a few weeks ago, but got no replies.  Does anyone have any input on what the recommended garb should be to repair tunneled catheters if they spring a hole or leak?  We currently wear masks, sterile gloves and drape the site, but in light of the fact that we use maximum sterile barrier to place the lines, I would like to get some opinions.  I don't believe there is any research.  Anne Marie

I have never seen any

I have never seen any research on this. In fact there is very little research on catheter repair at all. My opinion would be that a large sheet drape is not necessary because you are not dealing with the entire catheter length or long wires, etc. Mask, gloves, and creating a sterile field should be sufficient. The main thing I have always been concerned about with these procedures is the fact that the outside of the catheter is not sterile. It can be cleaned but can not be made sterile, yet we are trying to perform a sterile procedure with new sterile pieces. Long-term catheters would already have a load of biofilm already present. We do need outcome data on infections with repaired catheters.  

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