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First, I must say...FINALLY!   Woot and YEAH!!   Web-based forums are IMHO far superior educational and informational resources than e-mail "list-servs".   I'm glad to see the migration.   As an avid user of these types of forum (I've even administered a few myself over the years) I do have a couple suggestions/requests.   These may or may not be doable, depending on what software you are using.

1)   E-mail notification option-   To send you an e-mail when there has been activity on a thread that you have posted or replied to.   In the forums I have administered, this is a simple feature to enable and allows the individual user the ability to turn this feature on and off in there profile.

2)   Subscribe option:   A link or button to click, viewable at the head of each thread that will enable to you subscribe to the current thread...basically this will send you an e-mail when new activity  has occured in this thread and is independant of whether or not you have yourself posted in the thread.   In a similar fashion, and unsubscribe link/button to remove this email notification.

 Avatars would add an element of personality to the threads as well.   Even w/o these feature, the forum is AWESOME and congrats on the migration!   For those of you "not sure" if you like this medium or'll very soon get adjusted and come to love it...if for no other simple and EASY it is to SEARCH for information in this medium!