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Kathryn Kennard
So will the messages in the forum automaticly show up in my e-mail box?   Or do I have to sign into the sight to check messages?  
Robbin George
I don't believe anything
I don't believe anything will show up in this person's email to indicate that a subject is under discussion--I do believe you must log onto the IVTtherapy web site each time you want to monitor a thread--If I am incorrect then I've done something wrong because the only email I've received was from Sarah via Venous announcing the opening of the web site

Robbin George RN VA-BC

Kim Gizzi
DVT's & Piccs
I am looking for some data or research on prophylactic use of low-dose coumadin (i.e. 1mg/qd) with the insertion of a Picc line.   I need evidence to give to one of our MD's who is willing to take it to P & T committee for us.   Anyone know of some recent studies, data or research that I can look up??   We have had a few DVT's lately. Thanks for any help.

I was at the AVA conference in Phoenix Sept 6-10. On Sept 9th, there were several classes going on in conference rooms 101 - 105. I went to classes 101, 102 and 103 between the hours of 2pm - 5pm. I lost my cell phone in one of these rooms during that

The use of warfarin prophylactically for any CVC is controversial. Small studies that conflict with each other and no organization that has a supporting statement yet. Lynn

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