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Filters in the PFO patient

I'm looking for clarification for the 2021 INS Standards on filtration.  How are small volume doses and slow infusion rates handled if there is concern of drug adsorption by the filter in the PFO patient requiring an air eliminating filter?

Different materials are used

Different materials are used in different filters. Look at the specific drug/fluids for information in their IFU about specific types or sizes of filters. If not found, then there is usually no issue. And/or contact the filter manufacturer for clinical information about specific drugs that cannot be filtered with that specific filter. As the standard states, once all binding sites have drug attached to them, there is no additional loss of drug. Discuss this with your pharmacists - how much volume would be required through the filter to bind all of those sites, then let that much flow through the filter into the sink. After that there is no additional drug loss so you can hook it to patient. Drug adsorption only occurs with the intital fluid flow throrugh the filter. 

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