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Field peripheral IV

Does anyone have a re-siting policy if an IV is started in the field by EMS?  Thanks!

The location is not the most

The location is not the most important factor. The technique used is more important, so this applies to every location including prehospital and inpatient. When the catheter is inserted in emergent conditions (field, or code in hopsital) you cannot perform appropriate antisepsis and those catheter must be changed within 24 to 48 h. 

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Our policy says re site in 48

Our policy says re site in 48

here is the part that pertains to that


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Thank you

Thank you all for your feedback.

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12 hours

Not speaking for them, but I created custom IVtags for the entire Baylor-Scott & White system that is applied for any emergent line... it alerts everyone to remove within 12 hours of the time written in as placed. Their program was created by some of their DNP CNSs. Seems to be working well from the feedback. 

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