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Factor VII and partial central line occlusion

We have a home care patient who had a single lumen PICC placed for administration of two IV antibiotics.  Her physician decided she needed that PICC replaced with a double lumen PICC.  The patient has a diagnosis of Factor VII.  To make a very long story short, this patient came home with no extensions so she could do her own flushing and infusions so she decided she could add them herself.  The patient placed the extensions on the needleless connectors which were attached to the hubs of the PICC.  Left the other ends open and when the nurse made a visit the next day there was blood through the extensions.  This caused one lumen to partially occlude.  Has any one ever used TpA (Cathflo) on a central line of a patient with Factor VII?  The nurse was only able to get the MD on call for the primary who gave the order to use cathflo.  The pharmacist was not comfortable filling cathflo before talking the the primary MD.  Any feed back welcome.  I am doing some researching as well.  Thanks.  Valorie