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ladena rhoden
External Jugular Sticks - Florida Nurses

For nurses practicing in Florida:

I found a declaratory statement from 1987 that states it is not within the scope of practice for a RN in Florida to perform external jugular cannulations - ACLS trained or not.

Do any of you know of changes in this position?

Jan Wesselink
On VAS team in FL we did NO
On VAS team in FL we did NO EJ sticks.  Did assist an MD doing one with using the sonosite during a code once...
Laura M.
I worked on a team at a

I worked on a team at a teaching hospital in Florida that placed EJ picc's.  This was before ultrasound when veins were not palpable in the arms.  The reasoning was that an EJ was a peripheral vein.  We found little complications from this type picc and placed them as a last resort.  With ultra sound capabiltiy, the need for EJ placement is less, but I can see where a few cases might benefit from one.  I would be interested to hear if Florida has changed it's standing. 

Laura McRae, RN, BSN, CRNI

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