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Extended length catheters
Does anyone have experience placing Extended length catheters for congestive heart failure patients? If so, are the patients admitted first and then receive their lines or the other way around? Do you take a chest X-Ray after placement?
At my institution, the
At my institution, the patient is admitted and then the ELC (extended length catheter) is placed. The catheter is inserted with the same technique as a PICC. The catheter is not trimmable and the manufacturer states that a chest xray is not necessary. However, we always xray them. We have had several lines go up the IJ and subsequently had to be pulled back. 
Alma Kooistra
We also admit and then place

We also admit and then place the line.  I helped write our ELC policy and we included that the patient needed to have a CXR post placement.  I am thinking that we got that from the manufacturer's IFU.......

Our biggest problem has been that the line is misidentified as a PICC.  We now are 'flagging' the external portion of this device with a label that says, "Not to be used for infusion."  I hope that takes care of that issue......

Alma K

Susan S
Alma If this "extended


If this "extended LENGTH catheter" is not for infusion.....then for what type of therapy is it used???  I am not familiar with this device, I am certain others are confused by your comment of labeling ELC as "not to be used for infusion"

    Can you provide a link to the manufacturer who makes this catheter please?

   Is there BOTH  an EXTENDED DWELL, and EXTENDED LENGTH catheters???  If so what is the difference?

  I love this forum ...great place for new information!

Any Manufacturer reps who can comment please clarify for us!

Susan Schuetrumpf, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Atlanta GA

Kelli Rosenthal
There are ELCs placed

There are ELCs placed specifically for use with ultrahemofiltration devices to treat diuretic-resistant CHF.  I did a poster on this process a few years ago at AVA.  The name of the company that sells ELCs is CHF Solutions.



Halle Utter
Could you define extended
Could you define extended dwell catheter?  If this term is synonymous with a midline, how could it ever go up the Jugular?  It should terminate in the upper arm. 

Hallene E Utter, RN, BSN Intravenous Care, INC

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