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expiration dates for IV bags out of their overlay wrap

What is the use by date for an IV bag of solution once it is outside of its overlay wrap?  Where would I find references for this?  I believe it has to do with evaporation of the fluid within the IV bag.  

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Contact the manufacturer for

Contact the manufacturer for that information. There are different types of plastics now used and that could make a difference. A pharmacy compounding service would have to remove the overwrap to add meds and label but this is different from entering the bag with a spike on the admin set or injecting meds into it outside of a laminar airflow workbench. Lynn

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The pharmacy I work for will remove the overwrap before they send out a bag of IV fluids and then they will cover the manufacturers expiration date in the right upper corner with a label which says "Store at Room Temperature"   The nurse should still look at the date underneath the label, but our policies dictate that once out of the overwrap, the bag is ONLY good for 30 days secondary to the evaporation process. 

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