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Gwen Irwin
Everyone wear a mask during CVC dressing change?

 Is it your practice that everyone within 6 ft wear a mask during CVC dressing change?  I use 6 ft. because that is what we have used for the 5 1/2 years of following IHI CVC Insertion bundle.  

I know that dialysis nurses always mask the patient, themselves, and others close by to reduce risk of infection during dressing change and accessing (and cap changes?).  Has this been looked evaluated in research or review of best practice?  I have been unable to find literature discussing this practice on all CVCs.  I loaned my INS standards and haven't gotten them back, so I can't review them at this time to determine if there is any reference there.

I appreciate any help.

Gwen Irwin 

I have never found any

I have never found any references about wearing masks during catheter care. Some are doing it based on the theory if it is recommended for CVC insertion, we will also do it for catheter care. I also think that neonatal nurses use 3 feet as their distance instead of 6 feet, but not sure of the source of this either. This is not addressed in the current INS standards. Lynn

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