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Mark Weber
Ethanol locks with polyurethane lines


I wanted to see if any institutions are using Ethanol locks with polyurethane lines (historically only used on silicone catheters but some data suggest otherwise). We have had children with polymicrobial CLABSIs and it is posing quite a challenge. 

Also with the Ethanol shortage has anyone been involved with US based studies or compassionate use of Taurolidine or EDTA?KiteLock?



Contact the clinical/medical

Contact the clinical/medical department of the catheter manufacturer you use. Ask them for any studies done on their specific polyurethane with alcohol exposure. Polyurethane is many different formulations. Also this information will never be in a catheter IFU because it is regarded as prescribing by the manufacturer. They can and should put an answer in a letter to you though. There are numerous studies on many alternative locking solutions, but all have been done in other countries. 

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